Monday, March 30, 2020

SF9 Rowoon and Inseong showed off their fresh and unique visuals in a pictorial with ELLE!

SF9 Rowoon and Inseong's refreshing photo shoot was released in the April issue of "Elle." In this pictorial, Inseong and Rowoon showed off their unique visuals, expressing their unique naturalness and dignity in their own way.

The photoshoot was about Rowoon and Inseong who attended the global launch event of CK Everone as representatives of Korea. Rowoon and Inseong showed off their free and comfortable charms. The photoshoot, which contains free-spirited emotions, shows their good chemistry.

In the behind-the-scenes cut, which was exclusively released on the Elle website, you can also check out the all-black visuals of Rowoon, who is comfortable and dreaming under the warm sunshine of New York, as well as his sexy personality.