Thursday, March 5, 2020

[PICTORIAL] Former member of MOMOLAND, Yeonwoo shares how she feel as an actress and more in a pictorial with BNT!

Yeonwoo, a former member of the group MOMOLAND, left a comment on her fresh start as an actor.

Yeonwoo is now taking steps by step as an actor and having a photoshoot with BNT. In this three-concept photoshoot, she perfectly performed not only dreamy and lovely but also feminine and vintage charms.

Yeonwoo, who played the role of eating BJ's "Jung Young-ah" in the recent Channel A drama "Touch." Shares how she felt about the ending of the show, she said, "There are many things that are unfortunate. I thought I could have done a little better, but I was satisfied because I was happy."

When asked about her recent updates, she said, "I'm still filming the SBS drama 'Alice' before it airs. It's not a light subject, but it's a bright and cheerful atmosphere, so I'm having fun filming it," she said. Yeonwoo, who plays Kim Heesun's sister in the drama also said, "I'm very nervous, but I'm happy that you take good care of me. There are many other seniors, and I learn a lot from their acting.," she said, expressing her affection and respect for her seniors.


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