Friday, March 6, 2020

Park Shinhye revealed her motivation for appearing in 'Knowing Brothers' because of her best friend Lee Hongki.

Park Shinhye revealed her motivation for appearing in 'Knowing Brothers'.

On JTBC's "Knowing Brothers," Actors Kim Sungryeong, Park Shinhye, and Jung Jongseo will come as transfer students. Three actors with unusual aura give a cheerful laugh.

At the time of the recording, Park Shinhye picked her best friend Lee Hongki as an opportunity to appear in "Knowing Brother." When Lee  Hongki appeared on "Knowing Brothers" in the past, he mentioned the fact that he lost a game with the older brothers on the "right to appear" of his friend Park Shinhye.

Park Shinhye said, "I just came out to keep that promise." The older brothers expressed their gratitude, admiring Park Shinhye's wonderful loyalty.

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