Wednesday, March 25, 2020

[PANN] Knetz can't stop talking about the young and amazing beauty of ITZY Yuna in the latest pictorial with ELLE!

I've never seen such a pretty girl as I've ever seen her before.
18 years old, she has the face of success in her life...

Netizen comments :

(+217,-4) No I mean, Yuna doesn't just have the perfect visual.
She sings well, has a long body, has a pretty face, and dances coolly.
She acts cute to her sisters because she has a good personality and if I am close to her, I would really like Yuna.

(+186,-4) Isn't she the chosen one? Her face is pretty, her features are amazing, she's a little over 170cm, and she has long legs. She sings and dances well.

(+84,-3) So beautiful..

(+40,0) Don't you think she'll do better? She looks so pretty. When I see her on stage, she's the first one I saw. She's cool when she dances.

(+30,-10) To be honest, she is prettier than Suzy.

(+29,0) Yuna in real life.

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