Monday, March 2, 2020

Kim Saeron lost her friend who died in a serial murder case in the first broadcast of 'Nobody Knows'

Will Kim Seohyung be able to catch the criminal who killed her friend?

In SBS' Monday-Tuesday drama "Nobody Knows," which aired their first broadcast today unveiled that Youngjin (Kim Saeron) who lost her friend Sujeong (Kim Sieun).

On the same day, Choi Sujeong, who was Cha Youngjin's only friend, died in a serial murder case and become the youngest victim in the worst serial murder case

In response, detective Hwang Inbeom (Moon Seonggeun) conducted a reference investigation into Cha Youngjin as the last person Choi Sujeong talked to.

Hwang Inbeom asked Cha Youngjin, "She called you three times on the afternoon of the incident, but why didn't you pick up the phone?"

Youngjin, who leaves the police station after the investigation, got a call from the criminal who murdered Sujeong. Cha Youngjin said to the criminal who killed her friend on the phone, "I'm going to find you even it takes forever. So make sure you'll be alive until then." The criminal said, "I like it. I can't wait to meet you. Let's see each other for sure," he hung up the phone.

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