Thursday, March 5, 2020

Jun Jihyun, Bae Suzy and Park Bogum looking amazing like a spring flowers for their outdoor brands. Which one do you like the most?

March marks the beginning of the S/S season for the fashion industry. Just as spring flowers attract butterflies and bees with their colorful colors and scents, fashion brands are also making all-out efforts to capture customers' attention by using their own individuality and strengths.

Outdoor brands have also launched marketing campaigns for the S/S season, releasing pictorials featuring exclusive models of stars. The heartwarming photos of familiar stars let them forget the social and economic downturn caused by Coronavirus infection (Corona19) for a moment.

Outdoor brand Nepa launched a new collection to mark the S/S season and released a pictorial with the theme of "Live Actually." The main character of the pictorial is actress Jun Jihyun, who has been an exclusive model for Nepa for seven years.

Urban outdoor look, which includes outerwear, leggings, windbreaker jackets, and T-shirts, is a become full-set in the photoshoot. Jun Jihyun, who usually enjoys sports, showed off her active and free image through a photoshoot. It shows a variety of charms, including feminine, chic, lively and girl-crush charms.

Along with its exclusive model Suzy, K2 presented a pictorial with two themes, "Wild Blossom" and "Cool Sunshine." In the pictorial, Suzy shows a stylish spring hiking look by styling a flowery-patterned jacket inspired by wildflowers growing on the Mt. Baekdu, and a slim, flexible hiking style. A modern lifestyle look with a jacket featuring a pretty color and simple design is also drawing attention.

The main character of Eider's pictorial is actor Park Bogum. In the pictorial, Park Bogum, is dressed in a hiking backpack and looks like he's going to climb a mountain right away. The scene where Eiderman wore an "ice long T-shirt" featuring his skills and put his arms together to create a cool feeling but relaxed and great facial expressions. The pictorial includes a variety of images Park Bogum.


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