Thursday, March 19, 2020

Hot Rookie group ITZY topped the first place on 'M!Countdown' with their new song 'WANNABE'!

ITZY topped "M Countdown" in the third week of March.

On Mnet's "M Countdown," which aired on March 19, ITZY beat NCT 127 to grab the top spot.

On the same day, "M Countdown" was aired as a special show. ITZY has sent a separate message on how it feels about winning the first place.

ITZY said, "We just made our comeback, but thank you for giving us a valuable award. I'd like to thank all the staff including producer Park Jinyoung of our company. Thank you to the staff who always work hard behind us," she said.

She added to her fans, "I can't see you close, but I always think you're watching since I'm working hard. Take care of your health and get lots of energy. I love you. We'll be back next week with a better look."

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