Monday, March 2, 2020

From Movie MULAN, CALL, JUDY and more movie will be temporarily postponed due to the crisis of Corona19.

Movies scheduled for release in March are delaying the release date one after another. Due to the crisis of Corona19, additional films scheduled to be released in the early and last month are postponed their release dates. The films "Mulan", "Judy", the animated film "Bunny Bear: The Great Adventures of the Primitive Age," and the documentary film "My Candle" also decided on postponed the release dates in due to Corona19.

"We have decided to temporarily postpone the release of the movie 'Bunny Bear: The Great Adventure of the Primitive Age,' which was scheduled to be released on Saturday," said.

"The nationwide spread of Coronavirus infection-19  has led us to make the decision out of concern for the occurrence and damage of additional confirmed cases. I will let you know the exact release schedule as soon as it is confirmed. We hope that Corona 19 will be stabilized as soon as possible," he said.

Movie "Judy" (director Rupert Gould) also decided to temporarily postpone its release. Judy decided to temporarily postpone the release of "Judy" due to Corona19.

The movie "Mulan," which was reborn as a live-action, was originally scheduled to be released this month, has decided to postpone it temporarily. The distributor of "Mulan" informs us that the release of "Mulan" has been postponed later in the day. Depending on the progress of the coronavirus infection-19 in Korea, the release date will be notified again later, it said.

Previously, Korean movies such as "Time of Hunting" (director Yoon Seong-Hyun), "Call" (director Lee Choong-Hyun), "Confession" (director Park Sang-Hyun), "Intruder" (director Son Won-pyeong), and "Parasite: Black and White" (director Bong Joon-ho) have temporarily postponed their release. They said, "The production crew and officials were forced to postpone the release date in order to prevent further damage from the Corona 19 as much as possible. We ask for your understanding as it is a decision that will prevent further damage in advance and put the safety of the audience and fans first. On other hand, some of them canceled the press release schedules, promotional interviews, and audience events for leading actors.:

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