Tuesday, March 3, 2020

FNC Entertainment will take a strong legal action against the false rumors about their artist as part of Sincheonji.

FNC Entertainment explained about the specific religion of its celebrity.

FNC Entertainment confirmed that "false facts related to a particular religion have been spreading to its artists recently through online communities and SNS. In this regard, our artists have nothing to do with a particular religion and the rumors are not true."

"In addition, we express our deep regret over the indiscriminate mass production of rumors now that many people are suffering from the global bad news of coronavirus infection-19, and have to help and help each other to overcome the crisis. We will take strong action based on legal procedures without any agreement or leniency regarding the malicious rumors and malicious slander against our artists."

FNC Entertainment is conducting continuous monitoring to ensure that no further damage is caused to all acts that undermine the artist's reputation and personality, and will do its best to protect its artists through tough legal action.

Previously, a number of celebrities on mobile messengers floated the list, saying they believed in a particular religion, causing controversy.

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