Thursday, March 19, 2020

As Actress Kim Saeron reportedly will be the female lead of 'School 2020', Ahn Seohyun revealed to have dropped out from the cast and expressing her feelings on her SNS.

There is a lot of noise surrounding the casting of the "School 2020" female lead cast.

An official from the drama told a daily sports agency Tuesday that Ahn Seohyun recently dropped out of the KBS 2TV drama 'School 2020', "We know that there is a special reason," he said.

At first, Ahn Seohyun was named as the female lead for "School 2020." Kim Yohan and other colleagues finished the script last month, and recently, he even posted a simple photo after a dinner meeting with the director, raising expectations of the viewers.

However for some reason, Ahn Seohyun dropped out of "School 2020" cast and Kim Saeron took over the  positions. Kim Saeron will plays as Na Keumyoung, a high school girl who wants to be a beauty YouTuber because she like YouTube and can live comfortably without working as a building owner. Kim Saeron was hired after Ahn Seohyun dropped out of the cast , and there seems to be no problem in the casting process.

Ahn Seohyun has been expressing her feelings about dropping out of the drama on her SNS for several days. 'Something more upsetting than Corona 19', 'why don't adults keep their promises', 'and this too will pass', announcing what happened.

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