Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Actress Kim Hyeyoon reportedly will star in a new movie "The Girl in the Bulldozer" and will show a new side of her in the upcoming movie!

Actress Kim Hyeyoon meets 'The Legendary Character' and will show a new side of her.

According to her agency Sidus HQ on March 19th, Kim Hyeyoon will star in the new movie "The Girl in the Bulldozer" (director Park Woong) and take control of the screen beyond the theater.

"The Girl in the Bulldozer" is the story of the daughter Hyeyoung(Kim Hyeyoon), who search into her father's sudden history of the accident. Kim Hyeyoon leads the story of the case by playing Hyeyoung, who is not only wild and fearless but also has an evil spirit.

Kim Hyeyoon is gaining attention as a 20s actor who will lead the next generation, proving her potential as a lead actor through the MBC drama "Extraordinary You." The movie "Midnight" and "The Girl in the Bulldozer" are expected to be released this year.

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