Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Actor Ahn Hyoseob mentioned the kiss scene with Lee Sungkyung in 'Night of TV Entertainment'

Actor Ahn Hyoseob mentioned the kiss scene with Lee Sungkyung.

The interview with Ahn Hyoseob, the lead character of "Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim 2," was unveiled on SBS' "A Night of TV Entertainment,".

On the same day, Ahn Hyoseob said, "I enjoyed watching 'Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim 1' so much. I thought I should enjoy watching the sequel, but the role came to me and I was worried if I could do well on this."

"Let's not be a nuisance," he said. "Let's do something that will help the drama We really did our best without playing tricks sincerely," he confessed.

Ahn Hyoseob also mentioned the kiss scene with Lee Sungkyung, who drew a love line in the drama. "It was the last of the whole shooting," he said. "I couldn't do it with my mind, so I took out the wine from the director's car and drank it and filmed it."

Netizen comments :

(+399,-5) This person is so perfect. His face is so perfect, he sings well, dances well, his English is so cute. Phew;

(+103,0) Handsome! See you in season 3!

(+44,-1) I love your acting.~ Ahn Hyoseob, fighting!

(+25,-2) I'm rooting for you, actor Ahn, I will looking forward to you.

(+20,-1) It's perfect! I look forward to seeing you in a better way.

(+6,0) Hyoseob, you did a great job filming the drama.

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