Saturday, February 29, 2020

Two staff members who attended Milan Fashion Week in Italy along with singer Chungha were confirmed positive of Corona 19.

Two staff members who attended Milan Fashion Week in Italy along with singer Chungha were confirmed to be Corona 19. Staff members who went on business trips with Chungha and others were also tested, but the results were negative.

According to the agency MNH Entertainment on the March 1st, one person was tested at a hospital for fever symptoms after returning from Italy and found positive. Since then, all those who have traveled to Italy have been tested at hospitals after self-isolatef, and another has been confirmed.

Chungha and other staff members were tested negative for the results of the test on March 1. "For the sake of safety, all scheduled for the time being have been canceled, and we will take the steps we can do as much as we can and will continue to deal with them faithfully," MNH Entertainment said.

The following is the full text of MNH Entertainment's official position.

Hello, we are MNH Entertainment.

Our artist Chungha returned home from a schedule in Italy on Monday, and one of the staff members who accompanied him on the scene showed signs of fever and was confirmed after a coroner's examination.

We requested self-isolated for Chungha and all accompanying staff and Corona test, and one additional person received confirmed results and took action based on the results.

All the other staff members had negative results, and Chungha was tested negative on March 1.

For the sake of safety, all scheduled  have been canceled for the time being, and we will continue to take the best possible measures and deal faithfully with them.

Thank you for all your efforts to overcome the virus, and we will do our best to protect your safety and health from Corona19.

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