Singer Kang Daniel has joined the donation with 50million won to prevent the spread of Corona19.

Singer Kang Daniel has joined the donation parade to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

According to a Star News report on Friday, Kang Daniel directly donated 50 million won through the Hope Bridge National Disaster Relief Association. Kang Daniel's donation 50 million won will be used to purchase things such as health masks and hand sanitizers to prevent the spread of Corona19.

Kang Daniel has taken a heart-warming step toward making donations several times with his agency Konnect Entertainment and fandom Danity. Kang Daniel also donated 30 million won to the deaf social group "Love Snails" in December 2019. Konnect Entertainment also donated 31,000 briquettes.

Kang Daniel will resume his career on SBS's reality show "Hello, Daniel," which will air on March 4. "Hello, Daniel" is a reality show that will show Kang Daniel leaving for Portland, the U.S., where he will freely try to communicate with various people and find true Kang Daniel.

Netizens comments :

(+300,0) Thank you, Kang Daniel, for your good influence, and to all the fans who are working hard as Corona19.

(+191,0) Kang Daniel usually gives a lot of donations, and with his good influence, I know that the donation parade continues with the fans. I hope it's going to be a big help to people who having hard time because of Corona.

(+130,0) I'll join Kang Daniel and Danity. Let's all win.

(+108,0) I hope all of you who are suffering from Corona 19 and will be cheer up. I hope good influence spreads and everyone will be cheer up.

(+34,0) Kang Daniel always shows good influence! I hope we can all get through difficult times together!