Legend group SUPER JUNIOR revealed to has donated 10,000 masks to prevent the spread of Corona 19.

Super Junior is becoming a social model with good influence.

On February 29, Super Junior donated 10,000 masks to the Community Chest of Korea to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection. At that time, Super Junior said, "I was concerned about the health of children with weak immunity and teenagers with a lot of activity. It's a small effort, but I hope it helps," he said, adding that the donated masks were delivered to welfare facilities for children and teenagers in Korea.

In addition, Eunhyuk, a member of Super Junior, gave an additional 100 million won to the Hope Bridge National Disaster Relief Association yesterday and sent a message to the people suffering from the Corona19 and to the medical staff who are working hard to it. This will be used for purchase of preventive products such as hand sanitizers and health masks to prevent the spread of Corona19.