Actress Kim Saeron was full of tears in the upcoming first episode of 'Nobody Knows'

"Nobody knows" Kim Saeron cries in the first episode.

SBS' new Monday-Tuesday drama "Nobody Knows" will have their first broadcast soon. The mystery drama "Nobody Knows" is drawing attention as a must-see and an expected drama in 2020, throwing the topic of "What the hell is a good adult?" in this world where no adult is considered to be a good one.

On other hand, the production team of "Nobody Knows" will release a scene that show the strong start of the drama a day before its first episode is aired, drawing attention of Knetz.

The released of still cut shows Cha Youngjin (Kim Seohyung)'s 19 years ago when she was in high school. Actress Kim Saefon, who played as the young Cha Youngjin in the picture, is on the phone alone where no one is there. Kim Saeron's face turned white as if she were shocked, and tears are falling from her eyes. Netizens is curious to know who she is talking with and what she's telling her.

The production team for "Nobody knows" earlier said the main character, Cha Youngjin, lost his precious friend in a shocking incident 19 years ago. This incident shook Cha Youngjin's life to the bottom. One can guess that the scene is related to Cha Youngjin's shocking incident 19 years ago.