[PANN] Knetz were gone mad at TWICE Momo's stylish for her outfit during the red carpet Seoul Music Awards.

They always put them full lip make up but it doesn't looks good on her, and her dress is just like an underwear with a short skirt.
You can look at her trying to cover her outfit, Please change all the make up and coordi of TWICE.

Netizen comments :

(+262,-6) Crazy, its like a lingerie, what's this?

(+173,-5) No I mean, is this an underwear or what? The coordi is crazy.

(+105,-13) The coordi is over. You break TWICE's face.

(+65,-2) Sana's outfit is weird.. Really, TWICE coordi is so incompetent.

(+38,-1) But isn't this is really a lingerie??

(+35,-2) Am I the only think Momo's make up is pretty? She looks mature and prettier with black hair like this.